4 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

September 05,2022

Because Lavender Essential Oil has good smell, and it contains an aromatic substance, it is very popular among women.


As we all know, lavender can also be used to refine magical essential oils, and the effect is very powerful. Let me tell you about the benefits of it.


Lavender Essential Oil


What are the benefits and functions of lavender essential oil?


Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender. It has the characteristics of clearing away heat and detoxification, cleaning the skin, controlling oil content, removing freckles and whitening. In addition, it can also promote skin care functions such as regeneration and recovery of damaged tissue. It also calms the mind and reduces feelings of anger and exhaustion.


Improve sleep


Put 2 drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and put it on the pillow to sleep with a smile. (Note: A touch of lavender can help sleep, but a strong lavender smell has a refreshing effect.) Paired with marjoram (lavender:marjoram=4:1) can enhance the calming effect. This is more helpful for severe insomniacs.


Lavender Body Bath


Pour a bathtub of warm water, add 5-8 drops of lavender, and soak in the bath for 15-20 minutes to relieve fatigue. Because it has the effect of relaxing the nerves.


Clothes against insects


Drip lavender essential oil onto a few cotton balls and place them in the corners of your closet to help keep your clothes away from insects.


Home emergency


Lavender is very effective for scalds, scalds, burns, and the repair of newly wounded surfaces.


Gynecological antibacterial


In the first 7 days of menstruation, before going to bed every night, blend lavender in a medium oil and massage on the lower abdomen and lower back. If only instilling lavender, the ratio is 5 drops of pure oil per 10 ml of medium oil.




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