Action Principle of Lavender Essential Oil

May 18,2022

The lavender essential oil can clear away heat and toxins, clean skin, control oil content, remove spots, whiten, wrinkle, and tender skin, remove eye bags and dark circles, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues.


lavender oil


It can beautify the human body, relieve pressure and relax muscles. Essential oils are called "plant hormones". Many essential oils are similar to human hormones in nature and play an important role in human skincare.


  1. Essential oil molecules stimulate the olfactory nerve through nasal breathing. The olfactory nerve transmits the stimulation to the brain center, and the brain generates excitement. On the one hand, it governs nerve activities and regulates nerve activities; On the other hand, it controls the secretion of glands through neural regulation, to regulate the whole internal environment of the human body. By stimulating nerve therapy, one can achieve the effect of internal conditioning and lay a solid foundation for beauty and skincare.


  1. Directly enter the skin through affinity. On the one hand, the essential oil molecules stimulate the nerve and finally regulate the nerve activity and internal environment. On the other hand, they directly change the stable state of the internal environment and accelerate the activity of body fluid, to improve the internal environment and further regulate the whole body.


  1. Through affinity, the living environment of local tissues, cells, and cells can be quickly changed to accelerate their metabolism and comprehensively solve the skin problems caused by local metabolic disorders.


  1. It enters the subcutaneous through affinity, and then enters the blood and lymph through body fluid exchange, which promotes the blood circulation and lymph circulation and speeds up the metabolism of the human body.


  1. Essential oil molecules can also directly kill and reduce bacteria and microorganisms. Entering the human body can also enhance the immunity of the human body. Adjust the interior of the body as a whole to prevent the recurrence of skin problems.
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