Advantages of Cattle Vitamin Premix

October 12,2022

There are many kinds of nutritious feedstuffs, but Cattle Vitamin Premix is the core of all feedstuffs. Its advantages are as follows:




Advantages of Cattle Vitamin Premix


✔️5% cow premix


The characteristics of cow premix are mainly based on the nutritional needs of cows, and targeted nutrition supplement is provided for cows in combination with the nutritional needs of cows.


Ingredients in cow premix: vitamins and trace elements.


The role that cow premix can play is to supplement the specific nutrients needed by cows, to increase their milk yield and quality.


A good premix will also have a professional design for the taste of the premix to make the cows more willing to eat. This will increase the feed intake and growth rate, and increase the disease resistance of cows. This will make them less sick and reduce the loss of farmers.


✔️5% stud premix


The premix of breeding cattle is specially designed for breeding cattle. In addition to targeted trace elements and vitamins, it is specially designed and scientifically proportioned for its growth needs in each phase.


There are three periods for breeding cattle, namely, empty pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation.


The premix of breeding cattle has a good effect on the estrus and proportion of breeding cattle in the empty pregnancy period.


During pregnancy, the young of breeding cattle can be fed early to make them grow fast.


During the lactation period, it can improve the milk quantity and quality of breeding cattle, so that calves will be healthier and more nutritious after eating milk.


✔️5% finishing cattle premix


According to the nutrients needed by fattening cattle, trace elements and vitamins are supplemented to make fattening cattle fatten rapidly. This will make their hair brighter.


It can also reduce fat deposition and improve the meat yield and lean meat rate of fattened cattle. This will make the meat more delicious.


Improve the feed intake and digestion level of fattening cattle. It will also make it absorb more nutrients as much as possible and grow faster.




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