Advantages of Poultry Premix

November 07,2022

Poultry premix is a kind of feed composed of vitamins, microelements, amino acids and other additives, salt and auxiliary minerals. This is the feed that can only be fed with the combination of protein feed and energy feed, and cannot be fed alone. This kind of feed only accounts for 1%~6% of the total compound feed.


According to the scale of poultry breeding and the number of artificial feedings, feed mix can minimize feed costs.




Advantages of Poultry Premix 


  • Comprehensive nutrition. The premix is composed of various single vitamins and trace elements necessary for the growth and development of laying hens, as well as various artificial amino acids and other nutrients. It is the core of matching full price materials!


  • Evenly mixed and balanced with various nutrients.


  • High security. All kinds of raw materials used are high-quality products. Stable control of quality to escort friends in the breeding industry.


  • The feed egg ratio is low. Because of its low total value of impurities, high energy protein and stable quality. Low feed intake of laying hens leads to low cost and high efficiency for customers!


  • The chickens with premix are healthy, with strong disease resistance and low mortality rate. The egg peak was maintained for a long time, and the chicken body was eliminated significantly. The premix is added with various enzymes to improve the feed conversion rate. Microecological preparation is added to improve intestinal health, reduce the occurrence of intestinal diseases, and reduce the drug cost of users.




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