Application Of Sulfadiazine Injection In Veterinary Clinic

March 09,2022

With the improvement of breeding concept and rational use of sulfonamides, sulfonamides has decreased in the number. However, due to its wide antibacterial spectrum, convenient use, stable nature and low price, it is still widely used in clinical treatment of swine disease.


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What Are The Sulfonamides For Pigs?


It includes sulfadiazine (SD), sulfadiazine, sulfamethazine, sulfamethazine (SMZ), sodium sulfamethyl (SA), tritrimethoprim (TMP), Sulfonamidine (SG) and peptidothiazole (PST), sulfamethoxizine (SMPZ), sulfameo-dimethazine (SDM), trimoxazole (SMZ+TMP), synergistic sulfonation (SD+SMZ+TMP), etc.


Clinical Application Of Sulfa Drugs


It is used for respiratory tract, digestive tract and urinary tract infections, mastitis, hysteritis and peritonitis and other pig diseases. In addition, sulfonamides have better therapeutic effect on toxoplasmosis and coccidiosis.


How To Use Sulfonamides For Pigs?


  • Double the first dose. Can achieve the purpose of rapid bacteriostasis, and then use the normal amount, until the symptoms disappear, and then give 2~3 times the minimum amount, in order to maintain a longer time to prevent bacterial rebound.
  • Pay attention to incompatibility. Sulfonamide drugs, especially compound synergistic sulfonamide preparations, cannot be compatible with penicillin, sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, vitamin C, vitamin B1, compound sodium chloride solution, etc., must be used alone.
  • Do not use large quantities for a long time. Although sulfa drugs have a good effect on bacteria such as Streptococcus suis, the bacteria will soon develop resistance after a period of time, resulting in the failure of all sulfa drugs, at this time should be quickly replaced with other antibacterial drugs.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water. Give pigs plenty of water to maintain high urine flow and prevent drug crystallization. If pigs are given sulfonamide drugs for more than a week, sodium bicarbonate alkalization solution can be taken when necessary.

Tips On The Use Of Sulfonamides


Single Use Has Poor Efficacy


Single use, can only inhibit bacteria but can not kill bacteria, and bacteria are easy to produce cross resistance to all kinds of sulfonamide drugs. Bacteria develop resistance to one sulfa drug, and it also develops resistance to other sulfa drugs. Sulfa is therefore not recommended as a health care agent. In addition, once sulfonamide drugs lose efficacy, to replace other antibacterial drugs in time.


High Cost


As mentioned earlier, sulfa drugs are relatively inexpensive, but too small a dose to be effective. Under normal circumstances, will increase the use of dose, is bound to cause the increase in drug costs. If the effect is not good delay, the loss is greater.


Toxic Side Effects


Excessive use or long-term use, easy to make poultry acute or chronic poisoning. A large number of young chickens will die from acute poisoning. The egg damage rate increased, the number of soft - preserved eggs increased, and the egg production decreased obviously. In addition, the use of sulfonamide drugs accumulated in the kidney, causing kidney damage.


In Conclusion


It’s better to use sulfadiazine together with other drugs, or the effect is not good. If you’re looking for bulk sulfamezathine injection, welcome to contatct us. We are a  professional sulfadiazine injection factory.