Differences Between Veterinary and Human Drugs

June 28,2022

Can human medicine really be given to pigs? Many pig farmers habitually use norfloxacin for human use when pigs have diarrhea; when pigs cough, they use licorice tablets for human use, and of course there are many other medicines. So what is the difference between veterinary medicine and human medicine? Today we will analyze it in detail.




First, the process is different


Most of the ingredients of veterinary drugs and human drugs are the same, such as enrofloxacin, gentamicin, kanamycin, etc., all of which are the same. Although human drugs can be used by animals, the difference between them is the whole production process. The process of the finished product is different. The requirements for human drugs are very high, while the requirements for veterinary drugs are lower, but the content of veterinary drugs is higher than that of human drugs. In the same way, if human medicine is used on animals, it needs to increase the dose several times, and the cost is naturally much higher than that of veterinary medicine.


Second, the direction is different


Human medicines are medicines for individuals, and veterinary medicines are medicines for large groups. The concentration of veterinary medicines is higher than that of human medicines, and we generally need to dilute them in the process of using them. If a person is sick, one pill can make a glass of water, and half a bottle of veterinary medicine can make a ton of water, and then give it to pigs.


Third, the use is different


Veterinary drugs are not cheap versions of human drugs. Let us take the antibiotics that everyone is most concerned about as an example. Veterinary drugs and human drugs must be separated. It is not that humans will be poisoned by veterinary drugs, or animals will be poisoned by eating human drugs. The main purpose is to prevent pathogenic bacteria, because long-term Time exposure to a certain antibiotic will produce a certain degree of drug resistance. Over time, new antibiotics will be discovered slowly, and old antibiotics will not be eliminated as fast, and they will fall into the point where no drugs are available. Therefore, use less human medicine for animals, especially when piglets have diarrhea, which can be cured with Changbao. Now at least 60,000 piglets have passed the experiment, and everyone can use it with confidence.