How much do You Know about Enrofloxacin Solution?

October 12,2022

As long as pigs are kept for one year, I believe that everyone is familiar with the enrofloxacin solution. What are its specific characteristics?


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Characteristic of enrofloxacin solution


  1. Broad spectrum, high efficiency, no drug resistance, and effective control of mother-transmitted diseases.


Enrofloxacin solution has a wide antibacterial spectrum and strong bactericidal power, especially because it has a highly effective killing effect on drug-resistant G-bacteria (Escherichia coli, Salmonella) and mycoplasma, and has no drug resistance. It can comprehensively control the vertical or horizontal transmission of diseases caused by the above-related pathogens, to improve the survival rate of the brood.


  1. High safety and palatability.


Due to the small size and easy poisoning of young birds, the drug safety factor is required to be high. Enrofloxacin solution is a new process of enrofloxacin refined by a special process. It is not only not easy to produce toxic and side effects, but also has a high safety factor, significant effect, good palatability, and is suitable for oral administration of young birds.


  1. It reaches its peak rapidly and has a remarkable effect.


Enrofloxacin solution is prepared with the dominant crystal form of enrofloxacin as the raw material through a cosolvent system.. The dominant crystal form of enrofloxacin is distributed in the tissue faster in the form of a free state and reaches the drug concentration peak 1 hour after administration. Enrofloxacin is a concentration-dependent drug. Therefore, the faster the drug reaches the effective blood concentration in the body, the more significant its effect will be.


  1. Significant "lung targeting" function.


Enrofloxacin exists in free form after oral absorption, which can avoid the first pass effect of the liver and distribute in infected tissues faster, and its affinity to pathogens is higher than that of animal cells; Especially in the respiratory system, the drug concentration in the tissues is much higher than that in the blood, which can effectively prevent and treat avian respiratory diseases.


  1. The post-antibiotic effect (PAE) is significant and conducive to disease recovery.


The post-antibiotic effect is concentration-dependent. The higher the drug concentration, the longer the post-antibiotic effect, which is a significant feature of the post-antibiotic effect. Enrofloxacin solution can quickly reach the highest blood concentration. So it can effectively consolidate the curative effect, which is conducive to better recovery of the disease.


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