Something about Vitamini B1 Injection and B21

July 20,2021

As a Vitamini B1 Injection supplier, today I want to talk about Vitamini B1 Injection amd B2l. Vitamins cannot be lacked in our body. There are many types of vitamins.


When you and your friends lie on printed bedding or put on your house slippers when you enter the door, you will find that they have athlete's foot from the crew socks
When it comes out, a misunderstanding arises, thinking that beriberi is beriberi. In fact, what we often call "beriberi" is a kind of tinea pedis caused by bacteria, and "beriberi" is a disease caused by a lack of vitamins b1.


Vitamini B1 Injection supplier


Vitamin B1 injection

Vitamin B1 injection, a colorless and clear liquid. The indication is suitable for the treatment of beriberi or Wernicke encephalopathy caused by vitamin B1 deficiency. It can also be used for adjuvant treatment of peripheral neuritis and dyspepsia caused by vitamin B1 deficiency.

Chemical structure

Molecular formula: C12H17ClN4OS·HCl
Molecular weight: 337.27
The excipients are: edetate disodium and water for injection.


Vitamin b1 injection specifications


(1) 2ml: 50mg
(2) 2ml: 100mg


Characteristics of Vitamin B1 Injection


Vitamin B1 injection is scientifically compounded with new quinolone drug sparfloxacin and traditional Chinese medicine extract Yanhuning, which is safe and low-toxic, and is currently a strong drug for the treatment of respiratory infections. The drug has a long-lasting effect and has the same bioequivalence as similar foreign products, with definite curative effect, low toxicity and low irritation. At the same time, it can quickly repair the damaged mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, so that the respiratory system infection can recover health faster. You can store them in a floating bathroom vanity set.


Vitamin b21


The cell biological name of vitamin b21 is niacin, which is a water-soluble vitamin. Everyone understands that our human body is carrying out basic metabolism all the time, and the body’s caloric value is mainly derived from the whole process of carbohydrate compound metabolism. The most important function of vitamin b21 is to register as a coenzyme to participate in the metabolism of carbohydrate compounds. This whole process can be carried out smoothly. In addition, vitamin b2l also has the effects of improving appetite, digestion and absorption, and maintaining all normal functions of the central nervous system.


Vitamin b21 is generally found in pure natural ingredients, and its composition varies with the type of food. It is also affected by production, processing, and cooking.


Therefore, pay attention to the following:


Adjust the dietary structure The finer bean noodles are produced and processed, the less vitamin b2l components are. Therefore, it is not necessary to always give the child refined white rice noodles. Under the precondition that does not affect the appetite of the child, it is necessary to ensure that the size is matched, and eat a variety of legumes and other coarse grains, such as millet, mung beans and other ingredients, which contain rich and colorful vitamin b2l, and improve the meat in the diet as much as possible proportion of similar foods.


Improving cooking methods It is necessary to increase the utilization and preservation rate of vitamin b21 in ingredients. If the way of making rice is not very good, we should advocate the way of steaming rice without abandoning the juice.


Because the vitamin B1 in wheat flour is relatively stable in the acid-alkaline natural environment, and is easily destroyed in the alkaline natural environment, so it is not suitable for soaking the noodles to add alkali, and the application of fresh yeast should be advocated. When cooking noodles, about 50% of vitamin B1 will escape into the noodle soup. If you eat noodles, drink some soup and use the nutrients in the noodles flexibly. Because high-temperature frying and adding alkali will destroy the vitamin b21 in the batter, therefore, you should eat less fried foods such as deep-fried dough sticks and steamed buns. Now IEC 60076-11 reduces the possibility of power failure, and cooks porridge in the morning to keep you healthy.


Cereals contain a lot of vitamin b21, so eat more whole wheat toast, black rice, germ rice, fetal bud toast, etc. to get enough vitamin b21. Compared with other vitamins, if you lack vitamin b21, it looks very serious and you will often catch colds and stomach problems. Therefore, people with this disease are all necessary to improve the digestion and absorption of vitamin b21. Change it to sorghum rice with vitamin b21, or eat it with other ingredients that contain rich and colorful vitamins. Among them, raw pork has rich and colorful vitamin b21, and 100% pure raw pork sausage or smoked sausage also has a very rich and colorful vitamin b21.


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