The Analysis of Veterinary Drug Ivermectin Injection

March 09,2022

As a breakthrough drug in the veterinary world, ivermectin has ushered in a new era of parasite control drugs. Nowadays, ivermectin injection is an ideal anti-endoparasite and ectoparasite drug which is the most widely used and the most used in animal production. But there are still some people who do not have a deeper understanding of the product.


Therefore, in order to better understand and utilize ivermectin Injection, today, in this blog, I will further analyze the product.


What is the Ivermectin Injection?

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Ivermectin solution is a new type of antiparasitic drug with broad-spectrum, high-efficiency anthelmintic and insecticidal efficacy.


Existing experiments have proved that ivermectin solution has anthelmintic activity on livestock nematodes and spider insects. Clinically, ivermectin injection has significant curative effect on scabies mite disease and myiasis in pigs, cattle and sheep.


Effects of Ivermectin Injection


  • Prevention and treatment of swine scabies


Pig scabies mite is a highly contagious chronic skin parasitic disease caused by scabies mites parasitic in pig skin. It is recognized as the most serious porcine ectoparasite in the world, and it is also one of the seven diseases that are not allowed to exist in pig farms.


The disease has seriously affected the feed conversion rate and growth rate of pigs, and caused great harm to the pig industry.


Experiments show that the appetite of pigs after ivermectin injection is significantly increased, and the number of itching is significantly reduced. Therefore, ivermectin injection has the advantages of rapidity, special effect and safety in treating swine scabies mite.


  • Influence on boar sperm quality


The parasitic diseases of boars mainly include digestive tract nematodes and ectoparasites, which seriously affect the production performance of breeding pigs.


However, some deworming drugs also have a certain effect on the sperm quality of boars. Therefore, our national research center examined the effect of Ivermectin solution on boar sperm quality. The results showed that Ivermectin solution had no significant effect on boar ejaculation volume, sperm density and sperm motility.


  • Prevention and control of cowhide flies


A lot of data results show that the effect of cowhide fly on the control of cowhide fly infection is more obvious, and the deworming rate can reach 100%. Myiasis is one of the common diseases of yak, so special prevention and control every year is one of the important contents of animal epidemic prevention and control.


The curative effect of ivermectin injection is obvious, and it also has obvious control effect on other parasites. The use of ivermectin injection to prevent and control parasites in livestock can achieve economical, convenient, time-saving and labor-saving purposes.


Features of Our Ivermectin Solution


✔️ No drug resistance


Our ivermectin solution mainly inhibits nerve conduction by interfering with GABA of the parasite, causing the parasite to die and be excreted. It has no cross-resistance with other anthelmintics, so even if you use it for a long time, it will not develop resistance.


✔️ Broad spectrum of deworming


This product has a higher insecticidal spectrum than abamectin, and has a wide range of insect repellents.


✔️ Long half-life


The average half-life of ivermectin solution in animals is more than 10 days, and its absorption rate is good. This product is a new type of high-efficiency, low-toxicity antibiotic parasite drug, which has a good killing effect on parasites inside and outside the body.


✔️ Nanotechnology


Our products adopt advanced technology and have stronger effect.




In short, the ivermectin solution makes it possible to treat multiple parasites with a single drug, simplify the treatment regimen, and reduce stress in animals. But only by choosing high-quality products can play its best effect. If you want to buy bulk ivermectin solution or ciprofloxacin hydrochloride injection, you can consider us.