What Are The Effects Of Oregano Oil?

March 28,2022

As a new feed additive, oregano oil is an ideal substitute for animal antibiotics. It has good antibacterial and growth promoting effects. Livestock and poultry have no drug residue after feeding the diet supplemented with oregano oil. It is an environmental friendly, efficient and safe green feed additive. It has broad development prospects in animal husbandry production. 


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Thus, this paper talks about the effect of adding oregano oil for pigs and chicken.


What effect does oregano oil have in pigs breeding?


  1. The additive of oregano oil in piglet diet can improve the digestion and utilization rate of feed protein and dry matter, promote the growth of piglets, improve daily weight gain, reduce the diarrhea rate of piglets, and alleviate stress. Oregano oil can effectively reduce the diarrhea rate and mortality of piglets, and it can replace antibiotics in piglet diet.
  2. Adding oregano oil to the diet of finishing pigs can improve the daily gain, red skin and bright hair, reduce the feed meat ratio and enhance the body immunity.
  3. Adding oregano oil to sow diet can improve reproductive performance, increase weaning nest weight and prevent piglet diarrhea.


What is the effect of adding oregano oil in chicken breeding?


  1. Oregano oil can prevent chicken diarrhea caused by different types of Escherichia coli.
  2. Adding oregano oil to broiler diet can enhance the titer and antibody level of Newcastle disease vaccine.
  3. Adding oregano oil to meat duck diet can improve daily gain, feed conversion rate, slaughter rate, full clean bore rate, chest muscle rate, leg muscle rate and reduce abdominal fat rate.
  4. Adding oregano oil to the diet of meat geese can increase daily gain, reduce feed weight ratio, improve slaughter performance and reduce abdominal fat rate.

In The End


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