What is Beef Premix?

August 05,2022

Premix is a kind of mixed feed product, which mainly contains a variety of vitamins, trace elements, mineral elements, and feed additives. In the diet eaten by cattle, vitamins and trace elements and minerals can be supplemented, but the amount cannot meet the growing needs of cattle. There are also some special feeding needs, which are not in the diet or cannot be synthesized by cattle themselves. The purpose of supplementary nutrition can be achieved by feeding premix.




The mixture obtained by uniformly mixing one or more additives with the carrier and/or diluent is called additive premix, or premix for short. Beef premix includes single premix (such as trace elements or vitamin additives) and compound premix (including vitamins, trace elements, baking soda, and other additives). It is an incomplete feed and cannot be fed directly to beef cattle alone. The dosage of premix in beef cattle concentrate is generally 1% - 5%. Farmers should understand the ingredients of premix when purchasing it and purchase it according to the formula.


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