Wholesale Bulk Injection Iron Dextran

July 30,2021

wholesale bulk Injection Iron Dextran


bulk Injection Iron Dextran


The national animal health products for engineering technology research center has been engaged in the research of animal specific API since its establishment. We are professional Injection Iron Dextran supplier, Injection Iron Dextran manufacturer and supplier. Today, we are going to talk Injection Iron Dextran for customers who want to do the wholesale of Injection Iron Dextran.


The 10% Injection Iron Dextran is a dark brown colloidal solution and its main component is iron dextran. Injection Iron Dextran is used as an anti anemia drug for iron deficiency anemia of foals, calves, piglets, puppies and other fur bearing animals.


Pharmacology of bulk Injection Iron Dextran

1. Pharmacodynamics
Iron is the main component of hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is the main oxygen carrier in red blood cells. Myoglobin is the place where muscle cells store oxygen to help muscle supply oxygen during exercise. Most of the factors associated with the tricarboxylic acid cycle contain iron or function only in the presence of iron. Therefore, after iron deficiency animals are actively supplemented with iron, in addition to the acceleration of hemoglobin synthesis, the symptoms related to tissue iron deficiency and the decrease of ferritase activity, such as growth retardation, abnormal behavior and physical deficiency, can be gradually corrected.

2. Pharmacokinetics
The absorption of iron for injection was faster than that of oral medicine; The concentration of dextran increased slowly from intramuscular injection to intramuscular injection, and then reached the peak of blood iron concentration for 48 ~ 48 hours; After intravenous or intramuscular injection and absorption into the blood circulation, it is swallowed and decomposed into iron and dextran by the mononuclear phagocyte system.


After absorption, iron ions are oxidized into trivalent iron ions by ceruloplasmin in blood, and then combined with transferrin receptor to enter the cell in the form of pinocytosis for hematopoietic cells. Iron ions can also accumulate in liver, spleen, bone marrow and other mononuclear phagocyte systems in the form of ferritin or hemosiderin. The protein binding rate is very high in hemoglobin, but the protein binding rate of myoglobin, enzyme and iron transporting protein is low, so ferritin or hemosiderin is also very low.

Precautions of Injection Iron Dextran

(1) This product is highly toxic, so the intramuscular injection dose should be strictly controlled.

(2) Intramuscular injection can cause local pain, so deep intramuscular injection should be used.

(3) Injection of more than 4 weeks old pigs can cause hip muscle coloring.

(4) Antifreeze is required, and precipitation can occur after long-term storage.

(5) Iron salt can react with many chemicals or drugs, so it should not be taken orally or mixed with other drugs.

Side Effects

Occasionally piglets will show a reaction to injectable iron, clinically characterized by prostration with muscular weakness. In extreme cases, death may result.


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