The National Animal Health Products For Engineering Technology Research Center

The national animal health products for engineering technology research center, established with the approval of the Ministry of science and technology in January 2011, is the only national engineering technology research center in China's animal health products industry, mainly engaged in the research of animal specific API, high-tech preparations, natural plant drugs, biological products, biological additives, etc.Since its establishment, the engineering center has undertaken more than 70 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, including 863 program, National Science and technology support program, national international science and technology cooperation program, national Spark Program, national development and Reform Commission industrialization program and other major national scientific research projects. Among them, Echinacea herb, Echinacea powder and Echinacea oral liquid are national first-class new veterinary drugs; Live attenuated duck viral hepatitis vaccine, valnemulin hydrochloride and premix are the national second class new veterinary drugs; In addition, there are 11 new veterinary drugs of three categories and 4 new veterinary drugs of four and five categories. It has authorized 51 national invention patents and applied for 2 international PCT patents, one of which has been authorized. Four provincial awards and six municipal awards were awarded for scientific research achievements. The core journals published 27 high-level articles, of which 9 were included in SCI.

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The National Animal Health Products For Engineering Technology Research Center

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