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The effect of dexamethasone is similar to that of hydrocortisone, but it has stronger effect, longer effective time and less side effect.  The effect of anti inflammation and gluconeogenesis is 25 times that of hydrocortisone, while the effect of water sodium retention and potassium excretion is slightly smaller than that of hydrocortisone. It has a strong inhibitory effect on pituitary adrenal axis. In addition to the above effects, the product can also be used for the induction of labor in the same period, but it can increase the retention rate of placenta, delay lactation and make the uterus return to normal later. After intramuscular injection, the drug showed a rapid systemic effect. The peak concentration was reached in 0.5 hours, and the elimination half-life was about 48 hours.


Function and use:


Glucocorticoids. It has anti-inflammatory, anti allergic and effect on glucose metabolism. It is used for inflammatory and allergic diseases, bovine ketosis and ovine toxemia.



Usage and dosage:


Intramuscular and intravenous injection: daily dose: horse 2.5-5ml; cattle 5-20ml; sheep and pig 4-12ml; dog and cat 0.125-1ml.


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