Poultry Premix (Compound Amino Acid Premix)

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Function and purpose: 1. Comprehensively supplement the vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, electrolytes, etc. required for the growth of  poultry, and improve the growth performance of  poultry. 2. Anti-stress. Improve the body's ability to adapt to changes in the external environment when the growth environment of livestock and poultry changes. 3. Auxiliary treatment of various diseases.


Dosage: Add 1kg of product per ton of material for 7-14 days. 


The effect of supplementing amino acid feed
1. Save protein and improve feed utilization efficiency Generally, in plant-based feeds based on grain and soybean meal, lysine and methionine cannot meet the needs of animals. For example, adding amino acids can greatly save protein, reduce feeding costs, and improve animal production. effectiveness. Experiments show that adding 0.1% lysine to the diet containing 12% crude protein for growing pigs has the same feeding effect as feeding the diet containing 16% crude protein. Another example is that when laying hens are fed a diet containing 14% of crude protein, an appropriate amount of lysine is added, and the egg production rate is equivalent to that of a diet containing 17% of crude protein.
2. Adding synthetic amino acids can improve the quality of livestock and poultry meat. Adding lysine to pig and broiler diets can improve meat quality and increase lean meat rate. Experimental studies have shown that adding lysine to animal diets can balance lysine, improve the efficiency of protein synthesis in animals, relatively reduce body fat content, increase the proportion of lean meat, and improve meat quality.
3. Adding amino acids can improve the digestive function of animals and reduce environmental pollution. When the crude protein content in the diet of intensive feeding piglets and growing chickens is high, diarrhea and other digestive system diseases are prone to occur, which not only causes feed waste, but also affects animal growth. Taking methods such as reducing the protein level of animal diets and supplementing methionine, lysine and glutamic acid can effectively improve the digestive function of animals, reduce diseases, and enhance animal disease resistance.
4. Adding amino acids to reduce animal stress Stress is due to changes in external environmental conditions or other factors, which cause animals to produce a physiological discomfort phenomenon, which will sharply reduce feed intake and affect growth and the yield and quality of animal products. If adding a certain amino acid can reduce the occurrence of stress disorder. Experiments have shown that adding tryptophan can prevent pigs from tail-biting and other stress phenomena caused by weaning and excessive stocking density; adding methionine can reduce feather pecking and anus pecking in birds; adding glycine can eliminate the excess of certain amino acids. generated stress.


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