Vitamini A、D、E Solution

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Vitamini A、D、E Solution Wholesale Supplier Factory,Bulk Manufacturer


This product is an emulsion containing vitamin ade, which can supplement vitamins for animals.


Vitamins are a class of organic compounds necessary for maintaining good health. Such substances are neither the raw materials for the body tissue nor the source of energy in the body, but a kind of regulating substances, which play an important role in the metabolism of substances. These substances cannot be synthesized in the body or are not synthesized enough, so although the required amount is very small, they must always be supplied by food.
Vitamins, also known as vitamins, are commonly referred to as life-sustaining substances. They are a class of organic substances necessary to maintain human life activities, and are also important active substances to maintain human health. The content of vitamins in the body is very small, but indispensable.


Vitamin A has four physiological functions. First, it can maintain the photoreceptor function of the retina. Lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness. Second, it can maintain the normal function of the epithelial tissue. Lack of vitamin A can easily lead to dryness of the epithelial tissue, excessive body and keratosis. Third, it can promote growth and development. Lack of vitamin A can cause growth arrest, dysplasia and bone loss in young animals, The tooth and other tissues grew slowly and deformed. 4、 It can promote the synthesis of steroids, and the synthesis of cholesterol and glucocorticoids is reduced in the absence of glucocorticoids.


In clinical and breeding, it is mainly used to treat vitamin A deficiency. It can also be used to enhance the body's resistance to infection. It can be used for weak livestock and poultry, pregnant and lactating cows. It can also be used for the treatment of skin and mucous membrane inflammation and burns, which can promote healing.


The main function of vitamin D is to regulate the concentration of calcium in blood, promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in small intestine, maintain the normal concentration of calcium and phosphorus in body fluid, so as to promote the normal calcification of bone collaterals.

It is mainly used for prevention of vitamin D deficiency, such as rickets, osteomalacia, etc.


The main function of vitamin E is to regulate the oxidation process of the body and prevent the oxidation of vitamin A, vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids. For the prevention and treatment of vitamin E deficiency caused by nutritional muscle atrophy, cell permeability disorders, infertility. Because the symptoms of selenium deficiency and vitamin E deficiency in animals are similar, selenium supplement in feed can also prevent and treat the symptoms of vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E is often combined with vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B for the comprehensive deficiency of livestock and poultry, such as poor growth and malnutrition.


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