What is Beef Premix?

August 05,2022

Premix is a kind of mixed feed product, which mainly contains a variety of vitamins, trace elements, mineral elements, and feed additives. In the diet eaten by cattle, vitamins and trace elements and minerals can be supplemented, but the amount cannot meet the growing needs of cattle. There are also some special feeding needs, which are not in the diet or cannot be synthesized by cattle themselves. The purpose of supplementary nutrition can be achieved by feeding premix.


Uses of Origanum Essential Oil

July 22,2022

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What Nutritional Value Does Peppermint Oil Have

July 09,2022

The main component of peppermint oil is levo-menthol, the content is 62.3%-87.2%, and it also contains levo-menthone, isomenthone, pulegone, decyl acetate, methyl menthyl acetate, methyl benzoate, α- and β-pinene, β-thujene, 3-pentanol, 2-hexanol, 3-octanol, dextro-myrcene, limonene and eucalyptol, α-terpineol, etc.


Differences Between Veterinary and Human Drugs

June 28,2022

Can human medicine really be given to pigs? Many pig farmers habitually use norfloxacin for human use when pigs have diarrhea; when pigs cough, they use licorice tablets for human use, and of course there are many other medicines. So what is the difference between veterinary medicine and human medicine? Today we will analyze it in detail.


The Role of Vitamin b1 Injection Night

May 05,2022

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Action Principle of Lavender Essential Oil

May 18,2022

Lavender essential oil can clear away heat and toxin, clean skin, control oil content, remove spots, whiten, wrinkle and tender skin, remove eye bags and dark circles, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues.


Usage of Peppermint Oil

April 24,2022

Peppermint oil is a commonly used drug in daily life. Peppermint oil is a colorless or light yellow clear liquid with a special cool aroma. It tastes pungent at the beginning and cools later. Although peppermint oil is widely used, many people do not know its specific usage of peppermint oil. Therefore, the following describes the methods and precautions of using peppermint oil.


What are the Recommended Empirical Effects of Peppermint Oil?

April 11,2022

Peppermint essential oil is mainly extracted from the stems, leaves, and flowers of peppermint by distillation. The main components are menthol and menthol. Due to its special spicy and fresh taste and the cool feeling after use, it is often used in pharmaceutical cosmetics, personal hygiene products, food, and pharmaceutical products.


What Are The Effects Of Oregano Oil?

March 28,2022

As a new feed additive, oregano oil is an ideal substitute for animal antibiotics. It has good antibacterial and growth promoting effects. Livestock and poultry have no drug residue after feeding the diet supplemented with oregano oil. It is an environmental friendly, efficient and safe green feed additive. It has broad development prospects in animal husbandry production. 


Mauritius Independence Day - March 12, 2022

March 12,2022

The Republic of Mauritius is an island country in eastern Africa, located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, about 800 kilometers away from Madagascar and 2,200 kilometers away from the African continent. As a volcanic island country, Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs. The island has a variety of landforms, with narrow plains along the coast and high plateaus in the middle. There are many mountains and isolated peaks.